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Polari Tour Update

Today Polari was booked to appear at Huddersfield Literature Festival. VG Lee and I were planning to run a creative writing workshop this afternoon. Tonight, we were due to be joined by author Louise Beech and 2019 Polari Prize winning poet Andrew McMillan for a special Polari – our sixth annual event at Huddersfield Lit Fest and the launch of the Polari Prize Tenth Anniversary Tour.

Due to Covid 19, none of these physical events are taking place. But thanks to the enterprising festival director Michelle Hodgson, a virtual festival is going ahead. All four of us have recorded readings for the festival website. You can find them here.

Tonight at 7.30pm, VG Lee and I will be taking questions on Twitter. We'll be live for an hour, chatting about writing, literary events and anything else people care to ask us. Follow us at @vglee_lee and @paulburston

We're also offering editorial feedback on extracts, short stories and complete manuscripts. Please see the website for details.

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