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Polari Prize National Showcase

Updated: Oct 10

Paul Burston, Livia Alour, Jon Ransom and Julia Armfield

Word is out! We’re going on tour!

Well, it’s not really a tour – more a national showcase for the Polari Prize.

Funded by those nice people at Arts Council England, the Polari Prize National Showcase kicks off this month and continues until November 2024.

There’ll be 25 dates in total, taking place all across the UK.

We’ll be showcasing Polari Prize winners past, present and future – starting with our current winners and writers shortlisted for this year’s awards.

More dates will be announced soon, but here’s what we have lined up in the coming weeks.

Oct 14 - Polari at the Astor Theatre, Deal

With Heleana Blackwell, Sophia Blackwell and Paul Burston.

Oct 24 - Polari Prize Shortlist Showcase at the British Library

With Julia Armfield, Livia Alour and Jon Ransom.

Nov 9 - Polari at G-A-Y Manchester

With Jack Parlett, Barbara Brownskirt, Adam Lowe and Joelle Taylor.

Nov 17 - Polari at Bert’s Books, Swindon

With Tom Crewe, Golnoosh Nour and Sophie Ward.

Nov 22 - Polari at the Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh

With Fiona Mozley, Chitra Ramaswamy and Shane Strachan.

Nov 24 - Polari Prize 2023 at the British Library

With 2022 prize winners Joelle Taylor and Adam Zmith, and live music from Kit Green.

Plus we’ll be announcing this year’s Polari Prize winners.

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